Friday, October 21, 2011


Petra Mediterranean Pizza and Grill

There's some things to be said about the fact that I've been to this restaurant 6 weeks in a row, including,

    1) I'm a fat ass
    2) The food here is seriously freaking good 

Every week I go here determined to order something else.  As I walk through the now very familiar doors a nagging instinct in the back of my mind urges me to do order something different.  How about I try a slice of pizza... or maybe even a falafel plate?  But by the time I walk up to the counter, the ravenous, bloated psychopathic animal that is my stomach takes over and I blurt out "Can I have a gyro sandwich?"  

As you wait for your order, a friendly staff member will give you a sample of homemade freshly baked pita, steaming hot.  Slightly crisp but pliable on the outside, but warm, soft, steamy, and perfectly textured on the inside, with a subtle nutty taste.


The sandwich ($7.49) arrives, with a side of cucumber yogurt dressing- way more refreshing and preferable to top your sandwich with as it isn't the globby, heavy mess that is tzatziki.  You'll notice that the meat isn't cut into skimpy little strips- instead the sandwich is positively stuffed full of hefty chunks of gyro meat, that have been browned on the outside so every bite includes the euphoric taste of perfectly browned lamb.  Cushioned by lettuce and tomato, and drizzled with an addictive (and therefore most likely drugged) garlic sauce, the sizzling meat has the perfect bouncy quality of a good sausage.  The luxuriant heaviness is offset by the veggies and occasional drizzles of the dressing.

size comparison... and a perfectly photoshopped picture

The sandwich is huge, no doubt about it, but despite the steady growth of a food baby in your stomach, you can't help but finish the whole thing... It's one of those situations where no matter how full you get, you still have the innate desire to take another bite.

And no, I do not have a destructive addiction to food.  (Well, at least I hope not). 


So if you ever eat at Petra... just fucking get the gyro sandwich.

Petra Mediterranean Pizza and Grill

Taste: A+
Service: A
Price: A

Overall Grade: A

1210 Higuera Street 
San Luis Obispo, CA

1 (805) 439-1999

Hours of Operation:
Open Daily: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM

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