Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eggs Benedict

Mmm Butter

Part trois of the holiday brunch.

I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas dinner that ended in a food coma.  If it didn't, then all I have to say is you fail at life (I mean that in a loving way).

I have to say, next time I'm having brunch, it's back to the Oeufs en Cocotte for me.  I mean, the eggs benedict wasn't bad per se, but it was pretty average.  Too many things to take care of at a time- it's difficult to have a perfectly toasted muffin, sizzling ham, and warm eggs ready for 35 all at the same moment.  It's not an impossible task, but a clusterf*cking S.O.B. nonetheless.

The day before I poached 35 eggs before storing them.  I researched everything online about eggs benedict and many sources said you could store poached eggs for a few days in water with no ill effect, but I found that the whites had become waterlogged for some of my eggs. 

I seared some leftover baked ham (Ina's recipe) until it was sizzling, delightfully crispy, and oh so much better than canadian bacon. 


As for the hollandaise, I made it the morning of but reserved some of the butter, and right before serving heated the butter up again and added it to the blender to finish the sauce and warm it back up- a conveniently handy method, except for this recipe all I tasted was butter.  I mean, I know it's hollandaise, but the last time I had it I don't remember the experience being akin to basically eating thickened, melted butter.  No lemon or cayenne in the world could cut through that richness, and I had to scrape off some of the sauce from my eggs.  I don't know if I did something wrong, but even when heating up leftovers the next day, the sauce didn't even break or separate in the microwave, which in the culinary world is a freaking anomaly.

The eggs that were freshly poached however, were a revelation.  Perfectly poached, with a pocket of liquid yolk ready to flow from its firm white enclosing. 

Eggs Benedict 


12 eggs
white vinegar
6 english muffins
12 slices of either ham or canadian bacon
blender hollandaise
salt and pepper to taste
parsley and cayenne pepper to garnish

To poach the eggs, bring salted water in a large pot to a simmer with a splash of white vinegar.  Bubbles should barely be breaking the surface.  To poach each egg, crack it in a separate bowl.  Stir the simmering water in the pot to make a vortex, and gently lower in the egg.  Poach for 3-4 minutes, making sure the water stays at the simmer.  Transfer the egg into a bowl of ice water until ready to serve.  Repeat with the other eggs.

Meanwhile, sear the canadian bacon or ham in a separate pan, and toast the english muffins.

When ready to serve, warm the eggs back up by submerging them in hot/simmering water for 30 seconds, and drying them on paper towels.  Top each english muffin half with the ham, than an egg, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and some hollandaise.  Garnish with a sprinkle of cayenne and chopped parsley.

blender hollandaise
Note: As I mentioned above, I extremely disliked this recipe, but I'm just posting it for reference/method sake

3 egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 dash hot pepper sauce 
1/2 cup butter

In the container of a blender, combine the egg yolks, mustard, lemon juice and hot pepper sauce. Cover, and blend for about 5 seconds.  Place the butter in a glass measuring cup. Heat butter in the microwave for about 1 minute, or until completely melted and hot.  Set the blender on high speed, and pour the butter into the egg yolk mixture in a thin stream.  It should thicken almost immediately.  Keep the sauce warm until serving by placing the blender container in a pan of hot tap water.

The sauce can also be reheated by reserving some of the butter, and heating it back up to finish the hollandaise right before serving.


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  2. Those look really good...I'm getting hungry. Gosh, and that ham, seared and nice thick pieces. Looks delish!

    Sorry to hear about the hollandaise. But I'm sure you'll get it next time!

  3. yum. you've just inspired me to make eggs benedict.

  4. Jane: Why thank you! Just skimmed your blog by the way- good luck on your goal!