Saturday, January 29, 2011


French Apple Tart

Yeah I'm a bit late on this, but to everyone who celebrates it, Happy Lunar New Year/ chúc mừng năm mới!!

New Years has always been a BIG thing in my family. I remember every year as a kid my parents would close the restaurant for the entire week, just so we could celebrate. Considering that they've been working 6 days a week for the past 23 years, that's a big thing. That week all we would do is eat. Monday- Eat at my aunt and uncle #1's house. Tuesday- Eat at aunt and uncles #2's house. Wednesday- aunt and uncle #3. Thursday- our house. Weekend- The big celebration at my grandma's, with all of the extended family numbering in at what always seems to be over 100 from all over the place.

cherry blossom flowers starting to bloom

But that was five years ago. Since then the number of people who actually show up at my grandma's house seems to grow less and less, and this year the restaurant was only closed for one day instead of seven... I'm just not used to it. Yet, I know that I might be the one who won't show up next year, depending on where I go to college.

red and gold chrysanthemums

And then there's the question of how long will this tradition even last? Ten years from now I'm not sure I'll even remember the already embarrassingly small amount of Vietnamese phrases I know. It's just odd knowing that everything is going to change whether I like it or not.

always gotta have the whole pig

I first saw Sara Moulton make this on a Food Network Thanksgiving special a couple of years ago, back when the channel used to be about food. And when it used to be good. And when it used to have actual chefs hosting its shows. Now I feel that the network appeals solely to people who don't know how to cook or dislike cooking, babying them with recipes such as this and that. (Though this rant is reserved for another post in the future)

both golden and delicious

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolution... is the Sound of Frying Bacon

If I were to name my biggest flaw, it would be that I can never seem to finish anything I start. Just to name a few off the top of my head, I still have not yet...
  • Learn how to play the guitar
  • Make cornbread that doesn't taste like crap
  • Take art classes I told myself I would sign up for years ago
  • Take photography classes I told myself I would sign up for years ago
  • Get off my ass and look for a job
  • Write/maintain a food blog
Well, I guess it's never to late to finish what one has started, and with college applications sent off, my first semester of senior year finished, and A LOT less stress now that I know I can moderately dgaf (to not give an eff) in schoolwork, I feel that it is time to begin checking things off that list and start blogging again. (Note: I should add learn how to write shorter sentences to that list.)

Frying Bacon Pieces (I think lardons would be 10x better)

It's hard for me to believe that I made this blog almost a year and a half ago. Right now I wonder, if I actually kept at it how much I would've accomplished in terms of improving my food photography skills and having a reader other than my cousin. But here I am, and ready to not start over, but just continue what I started.

Sausages seared and ready. I used mild Italian this time, though the next time I make this I'll try one of a smoked variety.
And yes, I use paper plat
es when i cook

I have to say this dish is a bit time consuming, but do admit this has to be my favorite dish I've come up with for a long time- essentially a bastardization of coq au vin and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic.