You will never hear me claim that I am a good photographer- in fact, I might just state the opposite seeing how I've had 6 foodgawker/tastespotting/photograzing rejections in a row.  However, I am slowly improving as time goes on.

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My first version of easy cinnamon twists, taken with a Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot

Taken September 2008

And this was my 2nd attempt, taken with a Nikon D80 and a 50mm 1.4 lens

Taken July 2009

While still not the best picture in the world, my 2nd attempt is miles ahead of the first, and I did it through (you guessed it) practice, practice, practice.  I looked up food photography tutorials, helpful hints, and countless examples online, until I was able to crank out a semi-good photo that I'm happy with.  Personally I think that while the visual aspect of food blogging might as well be the toughest component, it gives the biggest impact on a blog's impression and most importantly plants a thought in the reader's head that says, "I want to make this dish right now."

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